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Our cutting edge Ocean Water Assisted Cooling technology is growing in public acceptance by the

The fact that OWAC uses surface ocean water to cool buildings, clusters of buildings and districts and
can make the end users in the Caribbean and Latin American region save up to 75% on their energy
bill, has also inspired investors to put their trust in such a technology.
However not all future prospects are able to invest in the technology, which creates an opportunity
for external investor capital for such situations.

Obviously, investment yield from an investors perspective will be very attractive and secure, due to
the proven performance of the technology and the actual and future outlook on energy cost.
Significantly, OWAC is 100% sustainable demand side technology and has the approval of local
environmental authorities, which places it in the bulls eye of future governmental and international
energy policies.

OWAC has the ability for economic growth to island nations by generating new industries that were
not viable before by knocking 75% off to the highest operational costs component: cooling
In the coming weeks we will add more information about investment options and possibilities in
OWAC technology as we roll out the program.

In the meantime we will answer your questions through: or

Stay tuned!